4 Best Cheaper Than Camtasia Studio Alternatives For Win/Mac And Professionals

It would be no exaggeration to say that Camtasia Studio is most favorite screen recorder and video recorder of YouTube content creators, teachers, students, internet marketers and all those who want to create video tutorials, green screen videos, presentations and other things and Camtasia Studio doubtlessly deserves this huge popularity.

I am sure that you will agree with me that many of us do not find it affordable when it comes to out of reach Camtasia Studio pricing. Camtasia Studio is normally available priced at 299$ for normal or regular use and 179$ for teachers and students.

Taking this into consideration, I’ve compiled a list of 4 best, cheaper than Camtasia Studio and feature rich screen recording with built in video editing feature programs like Camtasia Studio or in other words, Camtasia Studio alternatives.

You must be thinking, Why I have used above word cheaper? There is a reason for it. I agree with you that there are available several free to use programs that can be used as Camtasia alternatives for an example Camstudio, I could have added freeware alternatives to this list, But I have deliberately not added. In fact, after having used most of free to use Camtasia Studio alternatives, I don’t consider them software like Camtasia Studio, none of these have features you may expect in Camtasia Studio and even nearly all free Camtasia Studio alternatives lack video editor and feature rich and easy to use video editor in Camtasia Studio is what that makes Camtasia Studio attractive to its aficionados.

I’ve compiled this list especially for professionals who are looking for an affordable yet feature rich and easy to use screen recorder with video editing. Let’s go through the list of 4 best, feature rich, easy to use and cheaper alternatives to Camtasia Studio for Windows and Mac users.

1)-Movavi Screen Capture Studio

I am sure that you’ll agree with me after using Movavi Screen Capture Studio, you’ll figure out that This alternative for Mac and Windows users is a replica of Camtasia Studio. I found Video editor in Movavi Screen Capture Studio is much better and feature rich than Camtasia Studio. A big list of transitions and video effects is at your disposal to use to make your videos more appealing.

Its video recorder has all those features you get in Camtasia Studio. Like Camtasia Studio, You can create green screen videos in the Movavi Screen Capture Studio as well. Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Microsoft Windows is normally available priced at 80$ single PC license. While The price tag for Mac version of Movavi Screen Capture Studio is 67$.

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2)-AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor is one of the most used and famous video editor among Microsoft Windows users to Trim, cut, split, merge, rotate, mix videos, Apply effects and Burn DVD Blu-ray discs. AVS Video Editor is also has a built in screen recorder to create how to tutorials or trainings and presentations.

While testing its built in video recorder, I found it no less than Camtasia Studio video recorder.

As you know, Camtasia Studio provides a very small list of transitions while you’ll find a big list of transitions and video effects to apply to your videos in AVS Video Editor. As well as you can create disc menus for DVD and Blu-ray discs and AVS Video Editor also allows you create green screen videos as you can do so in Camtasia Studio.

As far as its price is concerned, You can use AVS Video Editor one year by spending 60$ and you can also go for lifetime subscription which is available priced at 200$. This low cost alternative to Camtasia Studio is only available for Microsoft Windows users.

Download 30 Day Free Trial Of AVS Video Editor From Here.

3)-Smartpixel Pro

Smartpixel Pro is another very affordable alternative to Camtasia Studio but Smartpixel Pro is only designed for Microsoft Windows users for the time being. I must say this screen recorder and video editor is a perfect piece of software for those gamers who record game play videos and upload to YouTube and other video sharing websites.

This screen, webcam recorder and video editor a cheaper alternative to Camtasia Studio is a very lightweight, easy to use and has everything you may expect in Camtasia Studio. Smartpixel is available to use in freeware and paid formats. Its paid version has some useful additional features.But The downside of SmartPixel Pro is that although It has everything such as video clipping, merging, splitting, dubbing, etc. But I could not find a feature to apply transitions to the videos while testing it. As well as you cannot create green screen video in Smart Pixel Pro video editor.

Smartpixel.com offers three subscription packages, 16$ 1 year subscription, 41$ 5 year license and you can also go for a lifetime subscription package which is available priced at 64$.

Download 30 Day Free Trial Of Smartpixel Pro From Here.

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4)-Video Motion Pro/Platinum

Video Motion Pro is a new competitor to Camtasia Studio and like Camtasia Studio, this low cost alternative is designed for two most used operating systems Mac and Microsoft Windows users.

Although this alternative with templates is good at creating intro, outro videos, presentations and text and image based slideshows but its video editor and screen recorder are not as feature rich as Camtasia Studio and previously mentioned programs are.

Video Motion Pro is available in 3 packages starter 57$, premium 67$ and agency 64$ and is available to use for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

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I hope you’ll find my compiled list of 4 best, low cost yet feature rich and easy to use Camtasia Studio alternatives and help you choose a screen recorder with video editor that fits your budget. Personally, my favorite one is Movavi Screen Capture Studio. Please do let me know using the comment section, What is your favorite one or you know about any other low cost and feature rich Camtasia Studio alternative.

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