7 Best Whiteboard Animation Software (2016) For Windows And Mac PC

Many of my respected subscribers have asked to suggest any good software to create whiteboard and doodle animation videos. I’ve tried to compile a list and I am going to share with you in today’s video.

Back in 2012, When I watched a whiteboard animation video I thought You cannot do so yourself, It is needed talent and special skills and As well as getting created a whiteboard animation video is also an expensive thing. But after some research, I found out that There is a software through which everyone can create video scribing, whiteboard or doodle animation videos with ease and in no time without paying to an expert whiteboard video creator.

Whenever someone uses term video scribing, whiteboard animation or doodle animation, The very first name which comes to mind is Sparkol Videoscribe. There are many Who are in the business of video scribing, whiteboard animation or doodle animation videos or prefer to use a whiteboard animation video to convey their message or promote their business, product or whatever they want to promote, and search for a desktop software or online service like VideoScribe to create video scribing, whiteboard animation or doodle animation videos. If you are one of those, then I am sure this video will end your search or At least you will find it informative. I have compiled a list of 7 best and easy to use scribe whiteboard animation videos. Let’s check out this list. 

7 Best Whiteboard Animation Software (2016) For Windows And Mac PC

1)-Explaindio Video Creator

It may be a new word for you, But I must say the Explaindio Video Creator is the number one video scribe and whiteboard animation software. Explaindio Video Creator has truly feature rich interface or timeline. As well as It would not be wrong to say that this scribe animation software is much better than VideoScribe. For example, You can create a whiteboard animation effect over a video and GIF animation.

Canvas or timeline in the Explaindio Video Creator is very easy to operate and best at making things easier for its users. In addition to creating whiteboard animation videos, You can also make green screen animation videos in it. As well as Explaindio Video Creator provides you with a huge list of pre-designed slides through which You can create stunning and high-end presentation videos. Available pre-designed slides can be customized as well.

Initially Explaindio Video Creator was available as a one-time-price software. But They now have started yearly subscription like VideoScribe. A yearly subscription is normally available priced at $57. As well as They offer a 7 days trial of the Explaindio Video Creator for $1. Explaindio Video Creator is designed for Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems.


No one can brush off VideoScribe while compiling the list of best and available programs to create doodle, scribe and whiteboard animation videos. it would be unfair If I skip to add Sparkol Videoscribe to this list. VideoScribe was initially released in 2012 and was the first software on the market that made creating whiteboard animation or video scribing possible  without hiring an expert video scribing and whiteboard animation creator.

In addition to its popularity and ease of use, VideoScribe has many drawbacks. For example, If you want to create mere simple video scribe and whiteboard animation videos then You may call it Okay. But If you need more than this then You might find yourself unsatisfied with it. Because Things have changed and It’s not a sole option anymore. There are many exist on the market as an option as well as VideoScribe lacks several features that the Explaindio Video Creator and other available whiteboard or doodle animation makers offer.

VideoScribe costs $198 a year, which everyone can not afford. I think people behind VideoScribe should lower the price of subscription packages. Anyhow, VideoScribe is designed for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS as well as It can be used on Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod. You can use 7 days free trial of VideoScribe with full list of features.

Get a 7-Days full trial of VideoScribe from here.

3)-Easy Sketch Pro

Easy Sketch Pro is another best whiteboard animation and doodle video maker for those Who have low budget and cannot afford monthly or yearly subscription packages. Easy Sketch Pro is very cheaper than VideoScribe and Explaindio Video Creator.

Though Easy Sketch Pro has a pretty simple and straightforward interface But You’ll find almost everything You may expect in Explaindio Video Creator and VideoScribe. But there are few disadvantages of Easy Sketch Pro as well. For example, It crashed while importing images and videos with large resolution. As well as I found a shortcoming while testing it. It does not render videos. It first records your project and then you can save or export your created whiteboard animation video. You cannot choose your preferred output video format. It saves videos in MP4 format by default.

This scribe and whiteboard animation software is designed for users of Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. Easy Sketch Pro is normally available priced at $67 and you are charged One Off Fee. I tried to get paid or free trial of Easy Sketch Pro But I could not do so. They don’t offer free/paid trial.

4)-TTS Sketch Maker

If your budget is low and you are looking for a cheaper one than aforementioned whiteboard animation software, then TTS Sketch Maker is for you. There is one new thing that others don’t offer. All available software to create doodle and whiteboard animation videos have no built in text to speech functionality. But in TTS Sketch Maker, You can add voice over to videos by using text to speech engine. I guess TTS Sketch Maker uses Google text to speech engine.

I could not get the fully functional version of TTS Sketch Maker and this is why I cannot say much about it in details though. But it sounds great to me after watching its demo videos on its official website and It offers just about everything you may expect in VideoScribe and others.

TTS Sketch Maker is designed for two most used and famous operating systems Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. TTS Sketch Maker is normally available priced at $32 for a single PC license. People behind TTS Sketch Maker do not offer any free or paid trial except 30 days money back guarantee.


VideoMakerFX is one of the best and amazing video creation software to create presentation and explanation videos in a matter of minutes. Though We cannot call VideoMakerFX is a full time whiteboard animation creator software, But there are several whiteboard animation templates through which you can create doodle and whiteboard animation videos.

VideoMakerFX is available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS users and It’s normally available priced at $67 for a single PC license.  They do not offer any free or paid trial.

6)-Go Animate

Goanimate is a web based service where you can create animated presentations and explanation videos without using any video editor. You will also find numerous whiteboard animation templates that you can edit and create your own whiteboard animation videos. But unfortunately options are very limited here.

As well as Goanimate is a very costly service. They offer three subscription plans which are almost out of budget. Although You can create animation videos for free and then download with Internet Download manager. But They put a watermark on videos that ruins the beauty of your created videos.


Rawshorts is another one of the best video animation creator and a web based software or service. Rawshorts is best known for its templates to create animated presentations and explainer videos. As well as You will find numerous templates to create whiteboard animation videos.

Rawshorts.com offers freemium and premium subscription packages. In freemium plan, You can create videos for free but with a watermark or logo. Though you are not allowed to download videos in free plan, But You can upload to YouTube by connecting your YouTube account.

I would like to suggest you choose desktop whiteboard animation instead of web based service or software. First, web based services or software are too costly and second, options are very limited.

I hope this list of 7 best and available scribe, doodle and whiteboard animation software will end your search and you will find it informative and helping. Please do not forget to let me know If you use or know about any other good and available whiteboard animation software. You can use the comment section to give your feedback and suggestions.

Stay tuned, Stay blessed and Do not forget to comment, subscribe, like and share.