Download Genuine Windows 7 ISO Files To Make Bootable USB & Burn Without Key Legally Any Version

Windows 10 meets the needs of today’s times and is much better than Windows 7 and other previous editions. Microsoft is trying hard to convince the users of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP to upgrade or migrate to Windows 10. But Despite all efforts, Windows 10 adoption rate is very low and Microsoft does not seem to succeed.

Almost after 9 years, Windows 7 is still most popular Windows edition among the users of this operating system. Windows users don’t want to give up on Windows 7 and this is the main reason behind slow Windows 10 adoption rate.

Microsoft has nearly killed off windows 7 to increase Windows 10 adoption rate. Extended technical support will not be available after January 14, 2020. As well as PC manufacturers have stopped selling Windows 7 powered devices since October 31, 2016.

All those, who have grown comfortable with Windows 7, eagerly download, upgrade or install Windows 10. But after some time, They find out that Windows 10 does not meet their expectations. They take not months or weeks, but days to decide to downgrade to Windows 7 from Windows 10.

You don’t need Windows 7 installation DVD or ISO image file If You just want to downgrade to Windows 7 from Windows 10. But If you want to clean install Windows 7 then you need a Windows 7 ISO image or installation DVD.

This is where the main problem arises. If you don’t have Windows 7 ISO file and want to make a bootable USB then there is a bad news for you If you don’t have retail product keys. Microsoft does not let the users of OEM version download Windows 7.

Microsoft has removed ISO image files of Windows 7 from its official website for OEM or users having no product key and The internet is flooded with virus infected Windows 7 ISO images.

Retail version of Windows users can simply visit the Microsoft Software Recovery page and enter in your product key to download Windows 7.

Luckily There is still a workaround through which without product key, We can download genuine Windows 7 ISO image from a trusted website which can be used to make a bootable USB and burn to DVD.



Let’s Download Genuine Windows 7 ISO Image For Free

Video Tutorial


Download and install uTorrent or any other bittorrent client.


Go to this download website. Please find the link in the description to access the download website.


Search for your desired Windows 7 edition and Download 32 or 64 bit according to your system architecture. For example, I have 64bit PC and I want to download Windows 7 Pro.


Click on to download the torrent file.


After download, Double click on downloaded torrent file. It will launch uTorrent.


Now set the place you want to save the download file.


Click OK. It will take a few seconds to scan the file.


It has started downloading Windows 7 ISO image file.



Use Windows and Office Genuine ISO Verifier To Check, Is Windows ISO Image Genuine?




The download is complete and You can now burn it to DVD or make a bootable USB to clean install Windows 7. ‚Äč
You can use another useful utility called Windows and Office Genuine ISO Verifier to check Is downloaded ISO image genuine or not?.

You may download from here.


Please keep in mind, We can’t call this method a permanent solution as This download website may go down any time.


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