How To Download And Install VLC Media Player In Windows 10/7/8

In today’s tutorial, I will be teaching you How to download and install VLC media player on Windows 10?

VLC Media Player is a very famous open source and cross platform media player. It would be no exaggeration to say that VLC media player tops the list of most used media players.

It’s available to use for nearly all operating systems. This free to use media player is designed for Microsoft Windows, Mac, Android, Linux and other operating systems.

This free to use application is capable of playing nearly all audio and video codecs available out there. VLC player is not just a media player. It can be used as a video converter, screen recorder and for many other purposes.

This video is for those Windows 10 users Who don’t know How to download and install programs on Windows. I will demonstrate all the procedure of downloading and installing the VLC media player. Though I am recording this video on a Windows 10 PC, but you can follow these instructions for Windows 7 and Windows 8 as well.


Video Tutorial

You Need To Know About System Type Before Download


Before you download VLC media player, You need to know about system type of your computer or laptop. To find out system type, Click on the start menu.

Type in system information.

From search result, Click on system information to open it.

Look for the system type to know about system type.

As you can see, I have a 64bit PC and I need to download 64bit installer of VLC media player. You need to download 32bit installer If you see x86 or 32bit based PC.



Download VLC Media Player


After this step, Go to VLC media player official website to download it.

As you can see, there is a download button. Although Its official website automatically detects your PC’s system type. But It’s better to confirm you are downloading the correct installer.

Click on down arrow to download the installer according to your PC’s system type.

Click to download.

It is downloading.


Let’s Install VLC Media Player


After download, Double click on the downloaded file to kick start the installation.

I am going for English, You may choose your preferred language from the drop down menu.

Click OK

Click Next.

Click Next.

Leave everything default and click Next.

You may change the destination folder If you want. This location is OK to me.

Click install.

It is installing.

The installation is complete. Click finish to exit.

Click Continue.

Play any video and wait for the Windows defender firewall warning.

Check mark all options If not marked.

Click access to tell Windows defender firewall to unblock its all features.

Congratulations, VLC media player is now ready to use. You now should not face any issue.


Team Software Geek hopes this short video has managed to help you download and install VLC media player on Windows 10. Use the comment section and do let me know If you run into any issue, We will try to help you out solve your problem.

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