How To Download Windows 7 ISO For 32/64 Bit To Create Bootable USB And DVD (Legal)

Despite of availability of Windows 8 and Windows 10, Most of the Microsoft Windows users still prefer to use Windows 7. I was experiencing sluggish speed and performance issues. Windows 7 installed on my laptop was becoming unresponsive day by day, So I decided  to perform a clean fresh installation of Windows 7. You must know how much difficult is to making such decision, You need to spend a whole day to setup everything after performing a fresh installation of Windows.

But a problem was awaiting me. I came to know, Microsoft has increased my problems by deleting download links from its website to download Windows ISO image to make a bootable DVD and USB to perform a clean and fresh installation.

How To Download Windows 7 ISO without product key

After some research, I managed to solve this headache, If you are looking for a solution for how to download the Windows 7 ISO for free and with ease? Then I am positive, Today’s video will help you in this regard.  I would like to suggest you watch the entire video.

Microsoft apparently offers no way to download the setup media except one way, But this method is only for those who has retail product keys and upgrade copies only.

Give Product Key Of Your Copy Windows 7 To Microsoft To Download Windows 7 ISO Files 

If you meet the requirements, All you need to do is visit the Microsoft Software Recovery page and enter in  your product key

Click verify button to verify your product key. After verifying the key.

Microsoft will allow you download Windows 7 ISO file, So You can create installation media such as DVD or bootable USB drive to install Microsoft Windows 7 on your PC.


Download From Microsoft Servers Without Product Key





I have found another method to download untouched and genuine ISO image files of Windows 7 any version you want to download. This method lets you download ISO images right from Microsoft servers. And the best thing is that you don’t need to have Windows 7 product key to download your desired version.

Although Microsoft does not show you, but ISO image files of Windows 7 are still stored or exist on Microsoft servers, but It has hidden them to force or encourage Windows 7 users to adopt Windows 8 or Windows 10. Like Windows XP, Microsoft now wants to get rid of Windows 7.

Fortunately, There is a method through which We can still get around this hurdle between you and Windows 7 ISO image files. I have no idea How long this method lasts But right now It works. It may stop working any time. Hope You understand How it works. Let’s begin today’s video tutorial.

You may use any web browser, but I recommend to use Google Chrome. It is relatively easy to do in Chrome.

Open up Google Chrome and go to this page. Actually, this page is to download Windows 10. We will use a code to reveal hidden ISO image files of Windows 7.

Right click anywhere in the page and click inspect. Please here you need close attention to all the process.

Download this code

After getting the code, Click console.

Press CTRL + V together to paste the code.

Hit Enter.

Congratulation, You can now download your desired Windows 7 version.

Select your preferred Windows 7 version, choose preferred language and download. I would like to suggest you use Internet download manager.


Watch This Video






Do Not Download ISO Image From Any Shady BitTorrent Website


You must be laughing at me. Why should We use Microsoft Software Recovery page? If We can download the Windows 7 ISO from any Torrent website. The answer is very simple. Everything you download via torrent, chances are extremely high, You are giving an invitation to hackers to hack you or spy on you. Most of data available to download on torrent websites contains viruses, spyware, malware and other security threats.

I’ve felt a clear difference between a Windows 7 ISO downloaded from Microsoft .com or original DVD that comes with a new PC and an ISO downloaded from a torrent or pirating website in terms of speed and performance. So I would like to suggest you to not download Windows 7 ISO from such notorious websites.

I have also a solution to download an untouched Windows 7 ISO image to create a bootable USB or burn a DVD If you have no Windows 7 product key. I had uploaded Windows 7 ISO images to Mediafire for 32 and 64 bit PC users. But Now Mediafire has deleted.







Alternate Method To Download Windows 7 ISO Images







A year ago, I had created a video tutorial on How to download Windows 7 ISO image to create a bootable installation disc and bootable USB to perform a clean installation of Windows 7. In addition to official method to download Windows 7 ISO images, I had also provided mediafire download links to download offline ISO images. But now Mediafire has deleted ISO image files due to copyright laws.

Fortunately, You can still download. There is an alternate method to download Windows 7 offline ISO image files of your preferred Windows 7 version. The people at has uploaded ISO image files both DIGITALRIVER and TECHNET to a bittorrent server. You can download the ISO image file of Windows 7 Professional, Enterprice, Premium Professional, Home Premium and Ultimate using uTorrent or any other bittorrent client. The ISO image file of Windows 7 you’ll download is untouched and free of virus, malware, spyware and other security threats. I have used and using these Windows 7 image files. You can verify md5/sha1-sums after each download at


Hope everything is now clear to you. Let’s begin today’s tutorial.

The very first thing you need to download and install is uTorrent. Download uTorrent from its official website.

After having downloaded it, Click through the installation wizard.






Download Windows 7 ISO Without Product Key






Now go to this page and download the torrent file of your desired Windows 7 version. Do not forget to choose a version with your preferred language. If your preferred language is not available to download then you will have to manually install your desired language pack after the installation process.

I’m going to download English version of Windows 7 professional. As you can see there is a language code at the start of each version. EN stands for the English language.

If your PC is a 32 bit machine download 32 bit version and If your PC has a 64 bit processor then you need to download 64 bit version. Click on it to download the torrent file.

Click on downloaded file

A new Window will pop up. Please locate the location where you want to save or download it. It needs 3 GB free disk space.

Click OK to begin the download.

After having downloaded, You can use USB/DVD Download Tool, Rufus or any other bootable USB creator software to create a bootable USB. As well as you can burn ISO image to DVD to perform a clean installation.




(Optional)-You may buy cheap Windows 7 product key from below given links to activate your copy of Windows 7



Windows 7 Professional OEM Key SP1

Windows 7 Home Premium OEM Key

Windows 7 Ultimate OEM Key

Windows 7 Home Basic OEM CD Key





Please keep in mind, This download website is not official as well as not mine and might not last long. They could shut it down anytime. And the very important thing, These are only ISO image files of Windows 7. You’ll have to activate your copy of Windows 7 yourself. I hope today’s video will end your search and help you solve your problem. Do let me know If you run into any issue related downloading and uTorrent. You may use the comment section to ask If you have any question.

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    It’s actually hilarious that you can do this from microsoft’s website lol. Any skeptics it is true I can now dual boot from my current windows 10 laptop into windows 7 xD Good job guys