Fix Google Chrome Has Stopped Working Windows 10/8/7? – Fix Chrome Won’t Open – Chrome Keeps Crashing

Today’s article will help you fix Google Chrome has stopped working, not opening, crashing and other similar errors. Though This video is being made specifically for Windows 10 users But Windows 8 and Windows 7 users can follow given instructions as well.



What Is Solution?



There is no fixed solution to this error. Reasons could be different at your end. We will share 8 possible solutions. Hopefully one of 8 solutions will resolve this problem for you.



8 Possible Solution



We will not suggest resetting your copy of Google Chrome as it is not possible to open or run Google Chrome.



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1)-Install Latest Version


First and foremost, Restart your computer and then Use Microsoft Edge or any other web browsers and download and then install the latest version of Google Chrome. Google Chrome should work.



Download Google Chrome



Click here to download.



2)-Disable Extensions


If the latest version of Google Chrome fails, then try disabling extensions. Sometimes disabling or uninstalling Chrome extensions comes in handy to fix this error.


Ccleaner helps you uninstall or disable installed extensions without even opening Google Chrome.



Download Ccleaner



Click here to download and install Ccleaner.



How To Use Ccleaner To Disable/Remove Chrome Extension?



After install, Open up Ccleaner.


Click on Tools.


Look for Browser plugins.


Click on Google Chrome tab.


Uninstall or disable all extensions or suspicious ones. We suggest temporarily disabling all installed extensions.


Open up Google Chrome. We hope disabling extensions managed to resolve the problem.


Additional Tip, If Ccleaner fails, Then Use iObit Uninstaller




3)-Use ADWcleaner


If disabling extensions doesn’t fix it then Scan your PC to detect and get rid of malware, virus, adware and other things. Though Windows Defender is enough But you can use third party antivirus programs If you’re not satisfied with Windows Defender.


As a quick solution, We would like to suggest you using Adwcleaner Which is a free, tiny yet very effective utility to get rid of toolbars, adware, harmful extensions, temporary files and other things.



Download ADWcleaner



Click here to download ADWcleaner.


This lightweight PC repair and security software doesn’t need to be installed. Open up ADWcleaner after download completes.


Before You get started, Please keep in mind, It will delete each and every thing It finds suspicious and harmful in Google Chrome.



How To Use ADWcleaner To Remove Adware/Toolbars/Harmful Extensions?



Click scan now button to kick start the scanning process.


Click quarantine for the next step.




Restart your PC to let it complete clean up process.


After scanning, elimination and restart your device, Your copy of Google Chrome should work.


Let’s move to the next possible solution, If previously suggested solutions have not worked out.


4)-Delete Preferences File



The next solution We could suggest is removing Preferences File.


Copy this text


%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data


Go to Start menu press CTRL and V keys together to paste the copied text.


Open first search result.


Look for a folder named Default and open it up.


Search for Preferences File and delete it.


Now launch Google Chrome. The error should be gone.



5)-Rename Chrome



Renaming Google Chrome could fix this problem as well.


To do so, Open up Drive C.


Go to Program files (x86) folder.


Open up Google folder.


Go to Chrome folder.


Open up Application folder.


You now need to rename Chrome.EXE file as “Chrome1”


Send Chrome1 to desktop as a shortcut.


Reboot your device for changes to take effect.


We hope This solution fixes the error.



7)-Google Chrome Canary



Before We share last solution, Give a try to Google Chrome Canary, If all solutions fail. Canary version is Google’s own product and everything is same in it. Download from here



8)-Uninstall/Reinstall Chrome



The last possible solution is completely uninstalling Google Chrome with leftovers, user profiles, settings, extensions and other things. Fresh Chrome installation fixes all problems.


We strongly recommend to sign in to Google Chrome with Gmail or Google account to backup bookmarks and other things. The Google account will automatically restore bookmarks and other things after fresh installation and sign in again.


We are not going to use Windows built in Programs and features utility instead We will be using a third party software removal tool named Revo Uninstaller.



Download Revo Uninstaller



Free version of Revo Uninstaller can be used free of cost for this purpose. Download and install Revo Uninstaller.


Click here to download Revo Uninstaller.



How To Use Revo Uninstaller To Uninstall Google Chrome?



After installation, Launch Revo Uninstaller.


Highlight Google Chrome and click Uninstall button.


Check mark Also delete browsing data and click uninstall button.


Chrome removal is now complete. Choose medium or advanced scan option.


Click Scan to wipe off remnants of Google Chrome.


Click select all and then click delete.


Click Yes to confirm.


Again select all and then click delete.


Yes to confirm.


Before fresh install Google Chrome, It’s better to reboot your computer and then download the latest version of Google Chrome and install.


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We do hope This will solve the issue for sure. Please do share in the comment section Which one of suggested solutions worked out for you. This will be a great help and save others time.


Ask Team SoftSuggester & Simple Tutorials for any help via comment section. We will try our best to help you. As well as You may leave your questions, feedback and suggestions in the comment section.

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