HideMyAss VPN Review – What I Found Good And Bad In HideMyAss VPN

It would be no exaggeration to say that Hide My Ass VPN rules the world of VPN and IP address changer software or services and There are a very few who provides the quality you find in Hide My Ass VPN.

Hide My Ass VPN not only helps its users to bypass internet censorship and filtering imposed by internet service providers and governments, geographic restrictions and unblock streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and others. But Hide My Ass also protects its users from hackers and prying eyes. It protects its users online privacy and identity by anonymously encrypting all internet traffic.

I have got a chreview of Hide My Ass and share with you tance to use Hide My Ass VPN and thought to make a video hat what I found good and bad in this paid VPN service while using it. Let’s begin the review with pricings.

HideMyAss VPN Review

HideMyAss VPN Subscription Packages And Pricings

There are 3 subscription packages offered by HideMyAss.com. The best thing about all packages is that no restrictions or data limits are imposed in all three subscription packages. You get the same number of server locations, IP address and other features in all packages.

Kick Ass is a monthly subscription package which is available priced at just about 11$.

Half Ass is a Six month subscription package available at discounted price saving you more than 4$ per month. You can buy for just about 8.33$ per month.

Smart Ass is an annual subscription package costs 6.55$. This is indeed a smart package. You can save 6$ per month If you go for it. This subscription package is available at half the price.

No Free Trial Of HideMyAss VPN

Before buying Hide My Ass VPN, I was expecting a free trial of Hide My Ass VPN, As most of other VPN services or software offer a free trial. Hide My Ass.com does not give you any chance to try it out for free, The only option is that You’ll have to buy one month subscription package and If you change your mind or are not pleased with it, They offer the 30 day money back guarantee, You can ask for a refund and get your money back. But Before making any decision, I would like to suggest you to have a look at the refund page, Refund is subject to some terms and conditions.

You Cannot Buy HideMyAss VPN 1 Month Subscription With Bitcoin

Hide My Ass.com accept 3 online payment methods credit card, Paypal and Bitcoin. Although credit card and Paypal work very well, But If you want to use your Bitcoin account to buy it, then you cannot buy 1 month subscription package with Bitcoin account.

HideMyAss VPN Is Available To Use On Windows, iOS, Mac OS, Linux And Android

Its availability for 5 most famous and most used operating systems makes it a better choice than other VPN services. Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Linux and Android operating system users can use Hide My Ass VPN.

How Many Devices Can HMA VPN Be Used On?

You are allowed to use Hide My Ass VPN on 2 devices per account. But Make sure, Your secondary device is connected to a different VPN server. As well as You can run it on unlimited devices. If your router supports, You will have to setup Hide My Ass on the internet router to route all the traffic through it use it on unlimited devices. But this way is a bit complicated and not for everyone.

256 Bit Encryption 

In Hide My Ass VPN, Your incoming and outgoing traffic is encrypted through 256 bit encryption using OpenVPN to protect you from prying eyes, brute force attacks and other hacking attacks by hackers and even governments. 256 bit encryption algorithm  is considered  unbreakable and It is the same encryption algorithm that US and other militaries and secret intelligence agencies do use. As well as All of your online activities remain anonymous, private or secret until they share logs of your activities with a third party.

HideMyAss Keeps Logs, Don’t Use It For Downloading Torrents

If you are thinking to use it to download torrents anonymously then I would like to suggest to give up this idea. Hide My Ass is not a logless VPN service. HMA keeps records of your logs for 6 months or even more. Because Hide My Ass is based in the United Kingdom, where there are very strict data retention and anti piracy laws and this is why they have to keep records of how, when, and from where and what you are downloading and doing online. If they are asked by governments, law enforcement agencies etc to share this log then they cannot say NO and will hand it over to governments, law enforcement agencies etc and If you were involved in any illegal activities then It may get you in serious trouble.

So don’t make the mistake of using it If you live in a country where downloading torrents, pirated or copyrighted content and free speech are legally a crime. As well as, Your subscription could be suspended for doing illegal and bittorrent activities.

Huge List Of VPN Server Locations And IP Addresses

There are a very small number of VPN providers offering such huge numbers of VPN servers, You get in Hide My Ass VPN. As of now, In Hide My Ass VPN, over 126051 IP addresses, 932 VPN servers in 352 locations in 221 countries in all continents  around the world at your disposal. But Most of VPN servers are located in United States Of America and the United Kingdom.

No Impact On Browsing, Downloading And Streaming Speed

VPN software are notorious for slowing down users’ internet connections, including web browsing, downloading and video streaming. But While using Hide My Ass, I have not noticed any impact on web browsing, downloading and video streaming so far. Everything is normal. Hide My Ass is a perfect solution to get around geo restrictions. You can watch geo-restricted content on Netflix, Hulu and other online video streaming services. While testing HMA VPN, I managed to access geo-restricted content without any buffering and sacrificing the quality.

Easy To Use And Feature Rich DeskTop HMA Software/VPN Client

While using HMA client, I found Country selection a very smart and useful option in it. To swiftly choose your preferred VPN location, You can search for any preferred location by city or country. If you want, Smart server feature has the ability to put automatically you onto least crowded or loaded VPN servers. As well as you will find an IP rotation feature that can automatically rotate IP addresses.

Proxy Settings Allows You Double Anonymity 

Proxy settings is an other pretty useful feature in its desktop client. You can double anonymity by using proxy setting. You can setup a HTTP or Socks proxy connection.

HMA Has An Awesome Support Team

HMA has an awesome support team to solve its users’ problems. You can use both email support and live chat with an agent.

All in all, Hide My Ass VPN is indeed top and best VPN service provider, but except one thing, They offer no free trial. Please do share with me and others If you know anything good or bad about Hide My Ass VPN below in the comment section.

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