Hotspot Shield Alternatives – 5 Best Free And Easy To Use Tools To Unblock Websites And Alter IP

A VPN software or service is mostly used to unblock Facebook and watch multimedia content on Hulu. Actually Hulu does not allow to watch its videos and other stuff in most of the countries because of copyright compulsions. On the other hand, not all but most of the internet users use a VPN to protect their online privacy and stay away from hackers.
As far as Hotspot Shield free is concerned, It would not be wrong to say that Hotspot Shield was used to be a very popular VPN solution to unblock a blocked website and alter the real IP address when there was no good competitor in VPN industry. Why I said? Hotspot Shield was used to be a very popular VPN. Because Hotspot Shield is no more a popular program to unblock Facebook at schools, workplaces and at other places where Facebook is not allowed to use. Annoying pop-up ads and data limits are the main reasons for its unpopularity.
If you are one of those Hotspot shield users who are not happy with it and you are looking for a good Hotspot Shield alternative? Then you have landed at the right spot. I have compiled a list of 5 free Hotspot Shield alternatives. All alternatives of Hotspot Shield are tested by me. While testing, I did not find anything suspicious or harmful in all of these free services as a working Hotspot Shield alternatives to Facebook, YouTube, PayPal and others. Let’s have a quick look.
Spotflux is a free, cross platform and good alternative to Hotspot Shield. You may see its ads, but its ads don’t bother you as compare to Hotspot Shield, where you will have to bear annoying pop up ads. It offers Safe Browsing Protection, Hide IP Address, unblock any website and other features. They also offer two premium subscription packages with extra features. I found it a working solution to unblock websites and mask my real IP address. But It’s a little bit difficult to install and as well as if your internet connection is not in a good mood, then It becomes a headache.
ZenMate is one of my personal favorite alternatives to Hotspot Shield. You will find it a super easy to install, easy to use and effective solution to mask your IP address and access any blocked website. ZenMate is a browser extension or add-on and available for nearly all mainstream web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and others. No data limit, no ads, It’s totally free. You just need an email address to create an account to use ZenMate. ZenMate is very popular in Pakistan to unblock YouTube.
Tor Browser
Tor Browser is a browser based solution to mask an IP address and unblock websites and it can unblock all blocked websites including Facebook, YouTube,, and other infamous websites with ease. Tor Browser uses the source code of Mozilla Firefox. But the downside is that you can not alter your real IP address and unblock a website in other installed web browsers. This alternative to Hotspot shield is very easy to download, install and easy to use. offers it for Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and other operating system users without any data limits and ads.
Ultrasurf is another one of the most famous and used free alternatives to Hotspot shield. Ultrasurf is a totally free of cost portable proxy-based tool for internet privacy and security. In simple words, Ultrasurf does not need to be installed. Just extract it and use it. Even you can use it from SD memory card, USB flash drive and other external storage devices.
While using Ultrasurf, I have observed it works very well at the start, But after a while, Sometimes It starts to perform sluggishly. But overall This is a great tool to bypass online censorship.
Freegate is another popular anti-censorship software which helps you to get secure and fast Internet access. Freegate is a free alternative to Anchor Hotspot Shield without any data limits and annoying ads. I successfully unblocked YouTube and other blocked websites using Freegate except Hackforums dot net that is blocked in Pakistan. I found Freegate very easy to download, install and easy to use.
So this was the today’s top 5 list of Hotspot Shield alternatives. I hope this list will help you choose a better and ads-free proxy and VPN software service to access your favorite website. What is your favorite one, Let me know using the comment section. You also ask questions and suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you so much for watching today’s video and will meet you in the next video.