How To Get A Windows 10 Style Start Menu In Windows 7-Windows 10 Transformation Pack

As you might know that Microsoft team has put start menu back in Windows 10 learning from the bitter experience of Windows 8. And this time Microsoft has made start menu more feature rich and elegant than previous Windows versions in Windows 10.

Today’s video tutorial is for those who are looking for ways to taste Windows 10 start menu’s beauty in Windows 7 without having to install Windows 10 and messing up your preferred settings.

There are several Windows 10 skin packs available on the internet through which We can get a Windows 10 look like the start menu in windows 7, 8, Windows Vista and even Windows XP.

This website offers free to use Windows 10 skin packs that can be used as start menu alternatives for all Microsoft Windows version to get a Windows 10 style start menu in Windows 7 and other versions. In addition to Windows 10 look like start menu, You may call it Windows 10 transformation pack, You can change the whole look of Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Although These skin packs are available for other Windows version as well, But Today’s video tutorial is created only for Windows 7 users. I’ll be creating a tutorial on How to get Windows 10 Look-Like Start Menu in Windows XP, Vista, 8 and 8.1 for sure.

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I do hope everything now is clear to my respected subscribers and you are ready to move on to the tutorial. Let’s start by downloading and installing Windows 10 skin pack on Windows 7.

Please install Winrar, 7 Zip, or any other good file extractor to extract the skin pack, If you have already not installed any.

As you can see there is a big list of skin packs available to choose from but I’m going to download this Windows 10 skin pack or Windows 10 transformation pack for PC and Laptop running Windows 7.

 Download Link –

Please write this password down in a notepad, You’ll need to enter this password while extracting Windows 10 skin pack. Click download button.

They offer to watch demo video before downloading, Click skip and download Windows 10 skin pack.

Now click here to download Windows 10 skin pack.

After having downloaded it, Double click on it.

Now enter password and click OK to extract the Windows 10 skin pack installer.

After having extracted it, Now launch the installer.

Click next next.

Now check I agree accept the terms of the license agreement and click next.

Check start menu option and uncheck all other options If you just want to get Windows 10 look like start menu. You may choose other options If you want. I’m going to check all options except this one.

Click install. It may take a while So sit back and keep calm.

Click next.

Click finish.

Congratulation you’ve successfully installed Windows 10 skin pack to get Windows 10 style start menu in Windows 7. You can use start menu settings button to change language, size, font, background colours and other things.

You can get rid of it any time If you get bored of it through Programs and features in control panel.

Please do let me know If you run into any problem I’ll try my level best to solve your problems as soon as possible. You can use the comment section to contact me.

Stay tuned, stay blessed and Do not forget to subscribe, like, comment and share.

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