How To Use CyberGhost To Unblock A Blocked Website, Watch Hulu,NetFlix And Hide IP Address

One of SoftSuggester’s respected readers has requested to create a video tutorial on how to use Cyberghost on Microsoft Windows. So today’s tutorial is dedicated to him.


(The free version of CyberGhost has been officially ended. As an alternative, you can add free extensions to Chrome and Firefox browser.)


This tutorial will teach you how to install Cyberghost and use Cyberghost?


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Download CyberGhost VPN


Let’s download Cyberghost, If you have not yet downloaded. Make sure you have a latest Cyberghost installer or version.


Visit Cyber ghost VPN’s website to download the latest version.


After download, Let’s start the installation process.

Click yes

It may take a while to download some additional components, How does long it take to download, Well, It depends on your internet connection.

Again, you need to click yes to download additional components.

Once again, you will have to click yes to download additional components. Keep calm.

Keep on until installation is completed.

Congratulation, You have successfully installed Cyberghost VPN.



How To Use CyberGhost VPN?



Here you can see Cyberghost has got an elegant and graphical interface.

On the top right hand side, there are four options respectively Upgrade, Activation key, Login and settings radio button.

In free package, If you are running out of data limit allowed by Cyberghost, then, You can buy one of its premium packages using Upgrade button.

If you already have bought any Cyberghost Vpn package or subscription, you can enter your activation key to activate unlimited data limit using Activation key button.

Link to Buy premium package with no limit 


You can log into your account on Cyberghost using the Log in button.

Settings radio button lets you make some settings according to your needs. For example, you can stop it to start during system startup.

You can change the language. As it supports 7 languages.



Some Core Features Of CyberGhost



Okay! Let’s move towards its main features to unblock a blocked website and protect online privacy by masking the real IP address.

You can turn it on and off using this radio button.

Using this button you can change your country or in other words, you can connect to its servers located in various countries. This feature helps you unblock a website that is blocked in your country.


As well as if you live in a country where you can not watch content on Hulu, Netflix and other multimedia websites. Cyberghost is a great solution for those who frequently travel to such countries.

You can alter your real IP address into a fake one using this option. This protects your privacy from prying eyes, for example, Hackers and other criminal can not trace your real location.

As well as you can visit and create accounts on those websites where your IP address is banned by website admin.
Here is a huge list of IP addresses you can choose from.

That’s all. I hope Today’s video tutorial has been helpful for my respected subscribers. In case, If I could not explain anything properly, then, Please let me know using the comment section. I will try to answer and solve your problems.
I will create a video review about Cyberghost VPN, What I found good and bad in this one of the famous VPN services?

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