How To Use Hotspot Shield VPN To Unblock Websites/Alter IP Address/Watch Content On Hulu/Netflix

Aside any debate about annoying ads, Hotspot Shield is indeed one of the best and most used VPN software available on the internet. It has a huge fan club, Hotspot Shield is used widely all over the world to unblock websites, alter IP address and watch content on Hulu, Netflix and other online streaming websites. In today’s video tutorial, I will try to teach you how to use the hotspot shield to access blocked websites, alter IP address and watch content on Hulu, Netflix and other online streaming websites.

Let’s start with downloading and installation process. Though downloading Hotspot shield is very easy, but I would like to suggest you try to download Hotspot shield offline installer to make the installation process smooth and quick. As far as any special system requirement is concerned, you don’t need to install any other third party software to use Hotspot shield, For an example, Microsoft.Net framework. Now I have Hotspot shield offline installer, Let’s start  the installation process.

I strongly recommend to not rush and check custom installation instead of default installation option before pressing install button to avoid being installed its unnecessary toolbar in all installed web browsers. It will also change default search engine in all installed web browsers If you go with default installation option. So be careful and choose custom installation and uncheck all options and then click install button to complete the installation process.

The installation process is now completed.

After installation, when you open up Hotspot shield client, before turning  it on, you will find five buttons respectively, Connect, take a tour, settings radio button, sharing button and a web page shortcut to reach help page on Anchorfree Hotspot shield’s official website. By pressing connect in this VPN software, you can turn it on to access blocked websites and alter IP address.  After turning it on, you will find 4 more buttons respectively sign in, test protection, an option to change virtual location and pause protection button. You can Change virtual location when if you have Hotspot shield elite subscription. In freeware version, You have only 1 virtual location to choose and it’s United States of America.

If you have already Hotspot shield elite subscription,  using Sign in button you can enter in your Hotspot shield elite subscription details.

Test protection, This option comes handy in quickly check whether your IP address altered or not.

There is a settings button beneath this section that you need to understand. In settings section, As you can see there are four tabs, Network detection, Language, General and Messages. In this section you can change the language. As it supports 11 languages. As well as this section lets you make settings as per your needs.

As far as integration with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet explorer and other web browsers. You don’t need to do so. If you live in such a country where your favorite website is blocked, for example Pakistan, KSA, UAE, China and others want to unblock it, then all you need to do is that turn hotspot shield on using this button, Congratulation, you are all set to visit your desired website.

So this was today’s video tutorial. I hope you have found this tutorial helpful how to use Hotspot Shield. If I could not explain anything then let me know using the comment section. I will try my level best to solve your problem.