How to Use OkayFreedom VPN To Access Blocked Website/Change IP/Watch Hulu/Netflix

Hi Respected subscribers and YouTubers, In today’s video, I will try to teach you how to use a very popular VPN software named OkayFreedom that is one of the most used and famous  software to unblock websites and protect online privacy by altering real IP address. Let,s start today’s tutorial.

Before proceeding furthermore, Let me speak some introductory words about it and what actually OkayFreedom is?

It would not be wrong to say that OkayFreedom is a must have piece of software for those internet users who live in such a country where internet censorship laws are very strict. OkayFreedom is an easy to use VPN software and can help you access a website that is blocked in your country by your internet service provider or government. Through OkayFreedom, You can put yourself out of sight by altering your real IP address into a fake one. Using this ability of OkayFreedom, you can access and use those websites and online services where your IP address is banned.

As well as this feature protects your online privacy and protects your online activities against prying eyes, For example, your internet service provider and hackers etc. Okayfreedom can also be used to watch content on Hulu, Netflix and numerous other online streaming websites or services. It is widely used to unblock YouTube in Pakistan. In short, OkayFreedom has a huge list of positive reviews from its users. I will share my OkayFreedom review in an upcoming video.

If you want to use OkayFreedom on Mac or Ubuntu, then you are out of luck. Because OkayFreedom is available only for Microsoft Windows users.

I would like to suggest you use the OkayFreedom offline installer to make the installation process smoothr. You can search for an OkayFreedom offline installer on Google.

OkayFreedom VPN – $39.95/1 PC for 1 Year [Download]

OkayFreedom VPN – $49.95/3 PC for 1 Year [Download]

After downloading OkayFreedom, Let’s start the installation process. The Installation process is very easy like 1 2 3.

After completing the installation, You can see shortcut of OkayFreedom at Notification area.

When you left click on it, A Window will pop up displaying 10 buttons respectively, on,  Automatic (on demand), Off, Using these buttons you can turn it on or off.

You can connect to your desired sever using countries button, your current package, Get more traffic, actually it gets you on its promotional webpage where you can upgrade or buy its premium package, there is also an option through which you can refer OkayFreedom to your friends to get more free traffic,

Enter premium code, If you have already its premium package, you can activate it by entering a serial code, settings button lets you make your desired settings, when you click on help center, it takes you on OkayFreedom’s website where you can find a solution of your problem regarding OkayFreedom and If you don’t need it anymore you can close it using exit button.

OkayFreedom offers 12 servers you can choose any desired location to access a blocked website and alter your IP address. I would like to select fastest connection. By doing so, You don’t need to check which server is fast and which one in slow.  You will be connected automatically to a fastest server.

Using settings button, you can set it to start automatically on log on. You can disable if it creates problems at startup.

You can also change the language as It offers 3 languages, English, German and Japan.

As far as integration with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari and other web browsers is concerned. You don’t need to install any add on or extension inside your web browser. OkayFreedom works perfectly without any extension or add on.

I hope my respected subscribers have found today’s video tutorial helpful to understand how to use OkayFreedom? If I could not explain anything properly, then please let me know using the comment section, I will try my level best to guide you.

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