How To Create Bootable USB Using WinToFlash (WinToFlash Tutorial)

Though there is no most secure data storage medium exist on the planet but a CD or DVD disc is not a secure or reliable data storage medium for sure. Even though It would not be wrong to say that Using a CD or DVD disc to store data is no more a favorite data storage medium for most of the folks, A CD/DVD’s life span is too short and cannot last long, CD/DVD discs often get scratched and stored data becomes inaccessible. In addition to short lifespan, This data storage medium is also a too costly medium to preserve precious and sensitive data.

These days Most of desktop PC, Laptop, Notebook and Netbook users prefer to use a USB thumb drive to install or reinstall the Windows instead of buying a DVD to do so. A USB flash not only saves you time but also saves you a lot of money and the best thing is that you can install reinstall Windows even on a desktop PC, Laptop, Notebook and Netbook without an optical CD/DVD drive with ease. All you need to do is First of all you need to have an ISO image of Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, 10 whatever version you like to install and then create a bootable USB using a good tool to create a bootable USB.

How To Use WinToFlash Tutorial-How To Create Bootable USB Using WinToFlash

In today’s video tutorial, I will be teaching you how to create a bootable usb using a very famous and easy to use USB creator tool WinToFlash. WinToFlash is available in Lite, Home, Professional and Business versions. WinToFlash Lite with a limited number of features, suggestions to install bloatware software and ads is free to use while other versions are paid versions with additional features.

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Let’s begin today’s video with how to download and install WinToFlash. Visit official website to download USB creator tool. Here I assume, You want to use WinToFlash Lite version.

As you can see provides with HTTP, FTP and torrent download options. Torrent download option is especially useful for those who have a slow or unreliable internet connection. You must install torrent or any other good bittorrent client If you want to go for Torrent download option.

Since I have a good internet connection So I,m going to use HTTP download option, I would like to suggest you use this option as well.

After having downloaded it, Now you need to extract it using Winrar and any other good file extractor software.

Before We start creating a bootable USB, Make sure you have plugged at least a 4 GB USB flash drive into your desktop PC, Laptop, Notebook, Netbook, etc. And the most important thing, Do not forget to backup your data stored on USB pen drive before proceeding furthermore.

You also need an ISO image file. In case If you don’t have an ISO image file, You can also use Windows setup files copied from a Windows installation DVD.

As well as Your antivirus program could be a hindrance to WinToFlash, Though all antivirus software don’t create problems for it. But most of the antivirus programs do not let WinToFlash create an autoplay file that makes a USB disc bootable. That’s why you’ll have to disable your antivirus programs for a while.

Double click on its installer from folder where you have extracted WinToFlash.

Click next.

On the next page, I would like to suggest you uncheck second option and click next.

Select free license option and click next.

Here you need to select custom setup option and do not forget to uncheck setup WinToFlash suggestor.

Click next next.

Now you’ve successfully installed WinToFlash and ready to create a bootable USB disc.

After having installed it, As you can see there are two tabs respectively Wizard mode and the Advanced mode.

I would like to suggest you go through the wizard mode, If You mere want to a create general type of bootable USB disc to reinstall install any Microsoft Windows version. Advanced mode is a little bit complicated and designed for veteran users.

Click on the Windows setup transfer wizard to kick start the process.

Don’t make any changes on the next page, Just click next.

Here you are asked to either choose Windows setup files from a folder, DVD drive or an ISO image file of Windows setup files.

Since I have an ISO image file so I’m going to choose the second option and click next.

On the next, You are asked to locate an ISO image file and select a USB disc in which you want to transfer Windows setup files.

Specify location of the ISO image from here

You can choose a USB drive from here.

Now click next button.

Here you will be warned of data deletion If you have any data on thumb drive. Click continue.

Here you need to accept the terms of the license agreement and click continue to start making a bootable USB disc.

It may take 10 to 20 minutes to be completed depending on speed of Hard drive and USB drive. So be patience.

Here I pause recording video and will be back once it completes copying setup files.

WinToFlash has successfully created a bootable USB disc and it’s now ready to install reinstall Windows on your machine.

I hope you like today’s video and find useful. If you have got any question. Please let me know using the comment section, I’ll do my level best to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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