How To Install IDM Integration Module Extension In Microsoft Edge? Solve No Download Button On YouTube Videos

It would be no exaggeration to say that after web browser, Internet Download Manager is a must have piece of software for an internet user. Internet Download Manager, a tiny but very useful Windows program, saves time, makes things easier and smooth.


IDM is a very easy to use download manager. All you need to do is download, install and start using it to download digital content. But You will need to integrate IDM desktop utility with your web browser via an extension or add on for better results.


You must be wondering, Why We should update to the latest version? If old copy is working fine



YES! You can still download with IDM, but extension makes things easier in web browsers download. its extension comes handy when you need to download big files or videos.


Extension catches video and audio content from a page and suggest you to download it with one click.


If IDM integration has been setup properly then you can see a download button at the corner of a video on YouTube and other video sharing websites.


Web browsers automatically disable old installed extensions Whenever People behind IDM or any other software, release a new version. IDM or any other software will stop working If you don’t update your copy.


Let’s Fix IDM Does Not Work In Microsoft Edge Browser.



You’ve installed Internet Download Manager and You use Microsoft Edge Browser and the download button does not show up at the corner of YouTube and other video sharing websites. If so, then This video will help you to fix the problem.



A few Important Things



Before We get started, A few important things, This video might not help you If you use a illegal copy of IDM and can’t or don’t want to update to the latest version of IDM. You are directed not to update to the latest version Whenever you download any illegal software. It stops working If you update.


This tutorial will work If you have IDM version 6 or higher.


The very first thing you can do to fix the issue is check whether Microsoft Edge is added or tick marked in Browser / system integration. To check this, Open IDM.


Click on general tab. As You can see, My copy is the latest version and Microsoft Edge is added and enabled. Let’s move to the next option If everything is OK here.



Second Option – Install IDM Integration Module / Extension In Microsoft Edge Browser



The simplest solution is installing Internet Download Manager extension in Edge browser. But the problem arises when you search in Microsoft store.


Search brings back either with unofficial fake extensions or nothing. After wasting about 30 minutes searching for in Microsoft Store, On the IDM official website, I found a direct link to install IDM integration module.



Watch Video Tutorial

Download And Install



Microsoft store opens up When you copy and paste below given link into your web browser’s address bar.




Copy the link into clipboard.


Open your web browser and paste the link into web browser’s address bar and hit enter.


Click open Microsoft store.


You can now install IDM extension in Microsoft Edge browser. To install, Click on install button.


Congratulations, The installation is complete and IDM will work fine in Microsoft Edge.


After install IDM extension, You should not face any difficulty to download videos and other type of content in Microsoft Edge browser.


I do hope this short tutorial has managed to solve your problem. Use the comment section and do let me know If you run into any issue, I will try to help you out solve your problem.


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