How To Install Chrome Extensions On Microsoft Edge Chromium On Windows 7/10/8?

in Today’s tutorial, We will be showing you How can you install and use Chrome extensions in Microsoft Edge Chromium?


(Update) Now Edge Chromium comes pre-installed in Windows 10 builds


In 2018, Microsoft announced that We are going to adopt Chromium project for Edge browser. Although Microsoft’s new browser is not yet available for public use, But a leaked copy of Microsoft Edge Chromium is being shared on file sharing websites. leaked copy of Microsoft Edge Chromium can only be used on 64bit computers and It performs way better than Edge browser.



Microsoft Add-On Store



Microsoft has launched an addon or extension store for new chromium based browser But This store has very limited number of extensions.



Install Extensions Without Microsoft Store App



These extensions can be installed without opening Microsoft store and in addition to Windows 10, Microsoft Edge Chromium can be used on Windows 7 and Windows 8.



Edge Chromium Supports Chrome Extensions



One of good things about Microsoft Edge Chromium is that Microsoft Edge Chromium supports Chrome extensions.


You can install direct from Chrome Web store without using third party websites. Any of available extensions can be used in Microsoft Edge Chromium.


After installation, Chrome extensions work fine in Microsoft Edge Chromium.



How To Add Chrome Extensions Into Edge Chromium?


Video Tutorial


By default, Add to Chrome button will not show up in the Chrome web store website when you visit an extension link to install your desired extension from Chrome web store.


You need to turn on an option to make Chrome web store reveal Add to Chrome button for installation.


To turn this option on, Click on the settings button with a horizontal ellipsis symbol.


Click Extensions.


You will find this option on left down side in Microsoft Edge Chromium. Turn it on.


Click allow.


Your copy of Microsoft Edge Chromium is now ready to install Chrome extensions.



In this tutorial, Team Software Geek and SofSuggster has tried best to explain everything very well, But If you still run into any problem or have any question, Please do let us know using the comment section, Team Software Geek will try to solve your problems.

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