How To Extract ISO File In Windows 10/8 Without any Software? Install Software/Games From ISO Files

This tutorial-article will guide Windows 10 users How can You extract ISO images without any third party software on any Windows 10 edition. As well as Windows 8 users can also follow given instructions for ISO image extraction.

You can get rid of many third party programs If you migrate to Windows 10. Windows 10 comes packed with numerous built in programs Which you had to install on Windows 7, Windows XP and other old Windows versions.


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ISO mounter or extraction tool is one of the most useful built in programs Windows 10 comes with. Without having to use a third party software, You can extract and mount ISO images to virtual DVD drive.


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No Third Party Software Needed



As well as Windows 10 users don’t need to install a third party disc burner. Although It has limited features But You can burn ISO image files to CD, DVD discs using built in burning tool.



How To Use Native ISO Mounter/Extractor/Burner



Using built in ISO mounter, extractor or burning program is very easy. All you have to do is Double click on an ISO image file to mount it to virtual drive.


As you can see ISO image is now mounted to this virtual drive. Upon double clicking, If you see open with Window, Simply open it with Windows Explorer.


You can now copy or extract content of the mounted ISO image file. In addition, You open files, photos, videos and other type of content without extracting.


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You may watch Simple tutorials video If you don’t find mount, burn or open with Windows explorer option in context menu. This tutorial will guide you to bring back these options in context menu. Please find the video link in the comment section or video description.


The only downside is that Windows 10 built in utility only lets you extract, mount and burn ISO image files. You can not edit and create new ISO images. for that, You will have to use third party software.


We would like to recommend to use ImgBurn If you want more than extract and mount. This is a safe and free to use piece of software. This easy to use and lightweight software lets you burn, edit, create new ISO images without any limit and It offers many other useful functions.


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