How To Use KeepVid Pro To Download YouTube Videos / Playlist / Channel In Bulk? KeepVid Pro Review

KeepVid is a very popular web-based YouTube video downloader to download videos. This website is a truly free and easier method to download online videos with a few clicks. As well as You can download videos from DailyMotion, Facebook and other video sharing websites. But you will have to install Tampermonkey and KeepVid Helper into your web browser. In addition to Youtube video, You can extract audio from your favorite video without having to use a third party audio conversion software.


People behind this online service have come up with the desktop version of KeepVid. I got a chance to use KeepVid Pro and found it a sumptuous piece of software.

It would be no exaggeration to say that KeepVid Pro is a perfect software for all those Who want to download videos in bulk from any video sharing websites. Be It is a playlist or a whole YouTube channel. KeepVid is not only video download but It also comes packed with a built in video converter, screen or video recorder and Android and iPhone file transferring function.



KeepVid Pro is designed for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS and can be downloaded from here.



In today’s video, I will be teaching you How to use KeepVid Pro to download videos, convert videos and other things. Let’s start off with understanding the user interface.

As I mentioned earlier, KeepVid Pro consists of three tools. You will find video Downloader, video recorder to record your computer screen and videos, video converter, file transfer for iPhone and Android users and a kind of built in web browser.




How To Use Video Downloader?




To download videos, Copy the URL of a video, playlist or channel from address bar of your web browser.

Get back to KeepVid Pro and simply click Paste URL button and It will begin analyzing.

After analyzing, You now need to choose your preferred video resolution If you want to download the video and If you only need MP3 file of you desired video then choose your preferred audio sample.


You may tick mark this option to set your choice as the default and next time quickly kick start downloading. You can do the same to download a playlist or whole channel.

If you just want to extract and download audio from a video then copy the URL from your web browser and select download MP3 from drop down menu. It will give converted MP4 file to you.

As well as you can turn on download and convert mode. This function first downloads videos and then convert to your selected output video format.

All you need to do is turn it on and then select your desired video or audio format as default and click OK.



How To Use Video Recorder?




Video recorder comes in handy where your desired website does not let you download videos. You can use this tool to record computer screen, lectures, tutorials and other things. In addition, You can also record your microphone.

Using this handy tool is very easy, Click record button, select area to be recorded and start recording.

You can convert recorded videos into other video audio formats and transfer to your Apple or Android device.




How To Use Video Converter?





Video conversion tool is also very easy to use and user friendly. Click this button with the plus sign to add a video or multiple videos to convert into other formats.

Mark the videos You want to convert.

Click convert button.

Select your preferred video or audio formats to kick start the conversion process.




How To Use File Transfer Tool?




To transfer data between your Android, iPhone and PC, You need to connect your device to PC with USB cable and enable USB debugging mode.




I do hope today’s video tutorial has been helping to you understand the user interface and How to use it? Please do let me know, If I could not explain anything properly or You run into any problem I will try my best to solve your problems and try to explain How things work in KeepVid Pro. You may use the comment section below to ask questions.

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