How To Make Icons For Windows 10 In Photoshop/GIMP-Online ICO Converter To Converter To PNG To ICO

This tutorial is for those Windows users Who want to replace default icons for My PC, Documents, Recycle Bin and other things, with their favorite icons. We will teach you How to create your own icons using any picture and text.


ICO File Format



Windows supports ICO file format and You need to convert an image to ICO file format. Though You can use JPEG or any other image formats to create an ICO file But PNG image file format is strongly recommended.



Why PNG File Format Is Strongly Recommended?



If you like to have colored background then JPEG or any other image formats can be used to convert to ICO file using an offline or online ICO converter.


After convert to ICO format, The background will not show up in icons If You convert a PNG image to ICO file format.



An Image Manipulation Software Is Required



Adobe Photoshop or any other image manipulation software is required to remove background or any part of image You want to convert to an ICO file format. As well as After background removal, You need to save the desired image in PNG format to use in an Icon maker software or ICO converter.


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How To Create Icons In Photoshop?



Adobe Photoshop can also be used to create ICO files. You need to install or add a free to use plugin to Photoshop.



Download ICO Plugin



Click here to download Zip file of ICO plugin.



How To Install ICO Plugin In Photoshop?



After download, Extract downloaded file using WinRar, 7Zip or any other software.


After having extracted, Move extracted file to Photoshop’s Plugin folder.


Your copy of Photoshop is now ready to save as ICO file. Open or restart Adobe Photoshop.


After this step, Save as ICO file option will show up.



Use GIMP, An Open Source Alternative To Photoshop



It would be no exaggeration to say that Adobe Photoshop is a best software to remove image background. But If you don’t have Photoshop then We can suggest you to use free Photoshop alternatives.


Use GIMP to remove background, add text and other things and save as PNG image format to use in an Icon maker, offline or online ICO converter.


Click here to download GIMP



GIMP Can Be Used To Create Icons



Without having to use any offline or online ICO converter software, GIMP lets you export as ICO file.


After background removal and editing, Click on file.


Click Export as.


All you need to do is replace PNG with ICO and click export.


Icon is ready to use.



Use An Online Background Remover



If You are not comfortable with Photoshop, GIMP and any other programs, Then You can use a free to use website Remove.BG for quick background removal with ease.


All You need to do is upload the image to Remove.BG.


It will take 5 to 10 seconds to remove the background.


You can now download PNG file of uploaded photo.



Use An Online ICO Converter



After download PNG file, Visit Www.ICOConverter.Com to convert it to ICO format.


Click on choose file to upload PNG file.


Leave everything default and click Convert.

The download is complete. You can now use it to replace any icon.



Download ICO Files From Internet



If You don’t have time or don’t like to use image editing software then There is a workaround for you.


There are tons of websites on the internet offering paid and free PNG and ICO files. PNG images can be converted to ICO files afterwards using an online or offline converter. You can use PNG and ICO files for personal and commercial use.


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