How To Download Windows 10 Updates Offline And Install Manually Updates

This  tutorial will help you download Windows 10 updates offline and then install without any errors and time wasting.


Why Downloading Windows 10 Offline Update?


There is a huge list of Windows 10 users Who don’t like Windows 10 update mechanism. Windows 10 eats your data and downloads updates without your knowledge and consent. Windows 10 update mechanism does not let its users use their computers when It is busy downloading and installing updates.


Stop Automatic Updates On Windows 10

Windows 10 auto updates can be disabled and as an alternative, You can download offline Windows 10 updates and then manually install.


But Downloading accurate updates from Microsoft website is not that easy as it seems. This option also can waste your time and you may face a plethora of errors.


I will be introducing to you a third party software Windows Update MiniTool, which can be used as a Windows updates alternative. Windows Update MiniTool is a free software and It offers flexibility and ease.


Video Tutorial

Download Windows Update MiniTool



Download Windows Update MiniTool from below given link



After Download



After download, Extract the downloaded file using 7Zip and any other software.



32 Or 64 Bit?



After extracting, You will find two files. You can use Windows Update MiniTool without installation. One is for 32bit computers while second file is for 64bit devices. I’m using a 64bit PC and l will use 64bit version.



Open Windows Update MiniTool



Double click on it to launch.



Scan To Search For Available Updates



Leave everything default and Click the circular arrow icon to search for available updates.


After a few minutes, The search will bring back with available updates.



Updates Categories



The results are divided into drivers, upgrades, Windows updates and other categories.



Understand The User Interface Of Windows Update MiniTool To Install Or Download Windows 10 Updates Offline



Next to circular arrow, First down arrow only downloads selected updates. I don’t recommend to use this option.


Second down arrow button does both jobs. It first downloads and then install selected item.


Trash icon uninstall installed updates while H icon hides unwanted item from the search results.



Download Windows 10 Updates Offline Via IDM Or Any Other Download Manager



Last option can be used to download your preferred updates via IDM, web browser or any other third party download manager.


Tick mark your desired update and click on it to copy the link and other details.


Open Notepad and paste.


Copy the link.


Open IDM.


Click add url.


IDM automatically detects copied link. Click OK to begin download.





Manually Install Drivers On Windows 10 


If you are using it on Windows 10 PC, then Don’t use it for installing drivers. It could create problems. As well as Use download and install option for upgrades. Don’t download upgrades. You will need plenty of time to download all parts of upgrades.



Final Words



I do hope this short tutorial has managed to help you download offline updates and get rid of annoying Windows 10 auto updates.


Use the comment section and do let me know If you run into any issue, I will try to help you out solve your problem.


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