OkayFreedom VPN Review | What I Found Good And Bad In OkayFreedom VPN?

Hi respected subscribers and Tutorial n review.com readers, In today’s video, I am going to share my review about OkayFreedom, What I found good and bad in this one of the best and easiest VPN services or programs after using OkayFreedom? Let’s start today’s video.

In addition to the Microsoft Windows operating system, there are numerous operating systems exist out there. For example, Mac, Ubuntu, Apple iOS, Android and many others. If you are a Mac, Ubuntu, Apple iOS, Android and any other operating system user, then you are out of luck, As OkayFreedom is not available for aforementioned operating systems. Microsoft Windows users only can use OkayFreedom VPN. I was willing to use it on my laptop running Windows 8.1 and Android phone, but OkayFreedom disappointed me in this regard.

OkayFreedom.com spoiled my mood when I looked on Packages and Pricing page. You will find no monthly package on Packages and Pricing page except an annual package that costs 69.95$ with unlimited traffic or data.

OkayFreedom is truly easy to download, install and easy to use. There is no complicated technical headache involved. After installing OkayFreedom, You will find a straightforward and easy to use interface. Okayfreedom client is very lightweight as compared to other popular VPN software. I have been using it for 2 months and I did not face any problem so far. OkayFreedom client is much much better than others in this regard.

OkayFreedom VPN puts 12 servers in 12 different countries at your disposal. This is a very small list of available servers than other rivals of OkayFreedom. But I will have to admit, each and every server performs pretty well. I am very pleased with OkayFreedom VPN’s speed and performance.

As you know, OkayFreedom is available in free and paid formats. If you are thinking to use OkayFreedom’s free package to watch content on Hulu, Netflix and other online streaming websites, then its free package is totally useless as OkayFreedom imposes 1GB of data limit for 1 month on free users and top of that you will have bear ads as the free version of OkayFreedom is ad-supported.

If you want to use all of your favorite websites when abroad for free then definitely you are out of luck and you will have to spend some bucks to buy an OkayFreedom premium package.

But OkayFreedom still provides an opportunity to its free users through which a user can gain 500 MB of additional data volume for every referral you refer and He She installs OkayFreedom.

OkayFreedom VPN – $39.95/1 PC for 1 Year [Download]

OkayFreedom VPN – $49.95/3 PC for 1 Year [Download]

Well, everyone has its requirements and I hope today’s video will help you whether OkayFreedom meets your requirements or not. If you want to use it only on a Windows PC, then it can be suggested to buy. As I found it a very easy to use VPN program to access blocked websites and protect online privacy with great speed and performance.

Have you used OkayFreedom? Please do share your experience using the comment section.



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