How To Fix Runtime Error ‘339’: MSCOMCTL.OCX On Windows 10 32 And 64Bit

Today I will be showing you How can You fix Run-time error ‘339’: Component ‘MSCOMCTL.OCX or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid? Please follow this tutorial till the end.

Reason Behind Run-time error ‘339’: Component ‘MSCOMCTL.OCX

This error occurs When you try to install Xbox Backup Creator and other programs requiring this Windows component. If this component is missing from your copy of Windows then It would not let you install or use the software.

The solution to this annoying problem is very easy. All you need to do is download and put a required file into a folder in Drive C or Where Windows is installed.

What Do We Need To Fix Run-time error ‘339’: Component ‘MSCOMCTL.OCX?

Before We proceed any further, Make sure you have administrator privileges to open the command prompt. As well as You need to have installed 7zip, Winrar or any other file archiver application to extract a file. I use Winrar.

Solution Is Different For 32 And 64Bit System Types

In addition, You need to know about system type of your computer or laptop. Because the procedure is a bit different for 32 and 64Bit systems.

How To Find Out System Type?

To find out system type, Click on the start menu.

Type in system information.

From search result, Click on system information to open it.

Look for the system type to know about system type.

As you can see, I have a 64bit PC . Your system type is 32bit If you see x86 or 32bit based PC.

Download mscomctl. ocx file

I assume everything is ready at your end. Let’s download mscomctl. ocx file from the Microsoft website. You may  download it from here

How To Fix Run-time error ‘339’: Component ‘MSCOMCTL.OCX

After download, Extract the downloaded file.

After extract, Copy mscomctl.ocx file.

Go to Drive C or Where Windows is installed. Windows is usually installed on Drive C.

Open Windows folder.

I use a 64bit PC and I’m going to search for a folder named SysWOW64. If you have a 32bit PC, then you need to search for System32 folder.

I’ll paste the copied file into the SysWOW64 folder. Please paste it into the System32 folder If you use a 32bit computer.

Click continue.

Command Prompt Commands To Register

After this step, You now need to open command prompt to register this component.

Click start menu

Type in CMD.

Right click to run command prompt as administrator.

Type CD / and hit the Enter key.

Type cd c :\windows\syswow64 and press the Enter key.

Please type cd c:\windows\system32 If you are doing it on a 32Bit PC.

Now type regsvr32 mscomctl.ocx and press Enter.

After doing this, You don’t need to restart your system. Now try to install or use the software the error should be gone.

Final Words

Hopefully, You’ve managed to fix this annoying error. Please let us know If you still run into any problem. Team Software Geek / Soft Suggester will try to help you. You can use the comment section.

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