How To Save Windows 10 Spotlight Images To Set As Wallpapers And Other Uses

When you shut down or turn your PC on, You might have noticed that Windows automatically changed the lock screen wallpaper and these wallpapers are truly stunning. This is done by Windows spotlight.


Windows 10 comes with a fun and amazing feature named Windows Spotlight. This feature in Windows 10 sets a new lock screen wallpaper every day by using the internet connection.


Windows spotlight downloads wallpapers from Bing homepage of the day background and then uses them as lock screen wallpaper which are high-quality and high resolution photos.


If you are one of those Who want to save or download these wallpapers in order to create a collection of lock screen wallpapers to use them as desktop wallpapers and for other purposes then this video will help you to do so.


Before We get started, Please keep in mind, This procedure requires administrator account and It may take a while, So Make sure you have enough time.


Watch Video Tutorial If You Don’t Like To Read Text-Tutorial

Windows 10 Spotlight Images Location



Copy below given location to clipboard and move to the next step.




Click on start menu.


Press Control and V together to paste the location.


Click on the first result to access required folder.



How To Open/See Windows Spotlight Images?



All these files with no extension are downloaded wallpapers and only Windows spotlight feature can read them. But We can open these wallpaper by assigning .JPG or other image file extensions.


But It’s better We make a copy and do it on another place to avoid any potential error before getting started.



How To Save/Copy Windows Spotlight Images?



Press Control and A keys together to select all files and copy.


Click OK.


Make a new folder on your desired location, Give it a name and then paste the copied files in it.



How To Assign The .JPG Extension At Once?



You now need to assign the .JPG extension to open the images. Select a file and press F2 key. Add.JPG at the end of the file name and hit Enter. You can now open it in the image viewer.


Manually adding a file extension takes a lot of time. I have a workaround If you have a lot of lock screen wallpapers and want to save time. You can use command prompt to change the file extension at once.


Click on start menu and write CMD.


Right click on the command prompt and click run as administrator.


Here We need two things, folder location and CMD command for batch file extension change. To get folder location, Open desired folder and then copy the location from address bar and get back to the CMD.


Write CD and then right click to paste copied location and hit enter.


Now write CMD command and hit enter to kick start the procedure.

Ren *.* *.jpg



Congratulations, CMD command successfully added JPG extension to lock screen wallpapers.

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