How To Create/Search Channel Download/Stream Movies/Join Chat Room In Tixati

In previous video tutorial, I had covered Tixati user interface and explained How to install it and download torrents? I deliberately did not cover channels feature in Tixati to not make it boring and lengthy. Because In my opinion, Most of you may not interested in it as there is a huge list of websites exist offering torrents. As well as This feature is not suitable for all age groups.

Today’s video tutorial is for those Who want to use this beneficial feature of Tixati. This Tixati feature allows you to download a channel’s content, create your own channel, use chat room for conversation with other Tixati users and stream videos If a member allows.




One of the best things about Tixati channels is that both public and secret channels are encrypted and decentralized. Please keep in mind the fact before you browse or join Tixati channels, As everything in the world has two sides bright and dark one. dark side of Tixati channels is that there are many channels containing inappropriate or adult content. I would like to humbly request you to not go for these channels and do not let kids even use Tixati.

It is same as you search for channels on a TV. In channel tab, Click add icon to gather channels.

You will notice a found status Whenever It detects a new channel.

You can join any visible channel. To join a channel double click on any channel or use this start button.

Click on chat icon to browse, download content and chat with channel members.

As you can see each chat room member has got a color

A Member with blue color means, He is the owner of the channel. A member with purple color means he is manager.

Green color represents general members.

A member with triangle means you can stream videos of this member. You need to install VLC media player before streaming videos.

These numbers show that How many files this member has. Right click on it to browse and download the content.

Double click on your desired one and Tixati then will start downloading it.

Now I’ll show you how to create your own channel and share it with others or how to make it visible to other Tixati users.

Click add icon and then select create new.

A new Window will pop up. Here you need to give your channel name and set a secret key. Though You can set a simple and easy to remember secret key, but the default secret key is recommended. The secret key is actually an administrative password.

Check advertise in channel list If you want to make your channel visible to everyone. Otherwise uncheck this option to make it secret. Your channel is only visible to those whom you give your channel URL, If you make your channel secret.

Check allow sharing by default If you want to share content with other Tixati members and use chat room.

Click create channel.

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