How To Uninstall Microsoft Edge From Laptops And Desktop PCs

There were a lot of talks about new additional features and a revolutionary web browser named Microsoft Edge in Windows 10, But It would not be wrong to say that Windows 10 has failed to meet expectations of those who were desperately waiting for Windows 10. In addition to the worst privacy scandal and other annoying things in Windows 10, Most of Windows 10 users don’t find Microsoft Edge as a good alternative to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and don’t prefer to use Microsoft Edge in Windows 10.

As well as, It’s now confirmed by Microsoft that Microsoft Edge’s users browsing history is tracked and then sent to Microsoft and could be shared with third parties too.

Aside privacy concerns, Microsoft Edge annoys its users no matter you make it default web browser or not. Since Microsoft Edge is strictly tied to core components of Windows 10, That’s why It is almost impossible to uninstall Microsoft Edge. But If you have  good knowledge of Windows PC, You can go for digging into technical things to get rid of Microsoft Edge, and It is a long and complex process,

Today’s video tutorial is for you, If you want to uninstall Microsoft Edge with ease and in no time. I have found a small piece of software through which We can get rid of Microsoft Edge in a few seconds. Developers at Winaero have designed this small piece of software and it’s free to use.

All you have to do is Download Uninstall Edge browser for Windows 10 from and then extract it.

After having extracted it, Right click on Uninstall Edge and run it with administrator privileges and leave the rest of the job upon it.

Now you need to reboot the PC so that changes are applied.

Please keep in mind, You cannot bring Microsoft Edge back Once you uninstall Microsoft Edge. And as well as, Since Edge browser is a core component of Windows 10 and that’s why removing Microsoft Edge could cause stability issues. So please Think twice before using this Microsoft Edge uninstaller.

I hope today’s video tutorial has been useful for you. Please let me know using the comment section, If you have any problem or I could not explain anything properly. I’ll do my level best to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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