5 uTorrent Alternatives | 5 File Sharing Programs Ad-Free Open Source Alternatives

uTorrent used to be a very famous and one of the best file sharing programs. It became an ad supported bittorrent client after acquiring by BitTorrent, Inc. Being an ad supported bittorrent client, It’s not a crime, As we often see advertisements on nearly every website We visit. But having to see obscene and immoral advertisements of dating, gambling, gaming and other niches is unbearable for sure. And on top of that, If you don’t pay attention while installing uTorrent, uTorrent installs bundled software, What does a bundled software do? A bundled software hijacks all installed web browsers, inserts ads everywhere, changes settings without your knowledge and consent. Recently, many of uTorrent users reported, uTorrent has started to force its users to install Epic Scale.

What is Epic Scale? 

Epic Scale is a cryptocurrency miner that uses a portion of your CPU cycles to contribute to the mining effort. A portion of the proceeds from this effort go to philanthropic initiatives. In simple words, We can say, Epic Scale slows down your computer. That’s why, Torrent junkies have started to turn away from uTorrent and looking for a good, ads-free and fastest bittorrent client as an alternative to Torrent. I took this into consideration and have compiled a list of 5 best, open source, ads-free and fast alternatives to uTorrent for those who prefer bittorrent client to a conventional download manager. Let’s go through the list of 5 Torrent alternatives for Windows, Ubuntu and Mac operating system users.

1) Tribler

Tribler is an open source anonymous peer-to-peer decentralized BitTorrent client and one of my favorite uTorrent alternatives. What makes it distinguished than other alternatives to uTorrent? There are several advantages of go for Tribler. For example,

Tribler is an open source piece of software and totally ads-free. And the best part is that You no need to visit torrent websites to download a desired torrent file. Tribler lets you search for and download your favorite content inside it.

As per WikiPedia, Tribler is based on the BitTorrent protocol and uses an overlay network for content searching, which makes the program operate independent of external websites and renders it immune to limiting external action, for example, government restraint.

Due to this overlay network Tribler does not require an external website or indexing service to discover content. The user interface of Tribler is very basic and focused on ease of use, instead of diversity of features.

It might be your best bet, If you are a video content junkie. It comes packed with a built-in video streamer known as SwarmPlayer, through which you can watch video content stored on torrent websites without having to wait for download completion process.

Tribler is written in Python, C++ and this one of the best file sharing programs and famous uTorrent alternatives is available to use for Mac, Ubuntu Linux, Android and Microsoft Windows users.

2) Deluge

Deluge is another one of the famous and the best alternatives to uTorrent. This open source lightweight BitTorrent client is written in Python and you will find this is a best uTorrent alternative and free of annoying ads. Deluge interface resembles uTorrent a lot. If you are thinking to migrate from uTorrent to Deluge? Then, I am quite positive, you will have no difficulty while using it as a uTorrent alternative to download games, videos, software and other digital stuff. This lightweight ads-free and open source BitTorrent client, alternative to uTorrent has everything that you expect in uTorrent.  Deluge is available to use for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10, Linux and Mac OS X users.

3) qBittorrent

qBittorrent is another open source and ads-free alternative to uTorrent. This one of the best and free uTorrent alternatives is available to use for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and FreeBSD users. Its interface looks alike uTorrent and Deluge. qBittorrent is based on libtorrent and has almost everything you find in uTorrent. I found qBittorrent a very lightweight bittorrent client on system resources while testing it.

4) Transmission-Qt

Transmission-Qt is one of open source, ads-free and fast bittorrent clients and one of the best alternatives to uTorrent. Transmission-Qt is installed by default on Ubuntu, and other Linux products and a very popular bittorrent client among Ubuntu users for downloading movies, games, software and other stuff. Transmission-Qt is a lightweight yet a fast bittorrent client available to use for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux users. Transmission-Qt portable is also available.

5) Tixati

Tixati is one of the most used and famous file sharing programs to download digital stuff. This peer to peer file sharing software is assumed one of the best uTorrent alternatives. This one of top bittorrent clients is available to use for Windows and Linux operating systems. Tixati is very lightweight though, But I don’t like its interface.

So, this was today’s video that suggests torrent junkies 5 best and ads-free alternatives to uTorrent. My favorite one is Tribler, If you have never used it before, I must say, You will find it a whole better than uTorrent.  Please let me know, what is your favorite one? The comment section awaits you. Stay blessed and stay tuned.