How To Use uTorrent To Download Games Software Books On Windows 10, 7,8

How To Use uTorrent To Download Games, Movies, Books, Softwares, Courses/Trainings On Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista And Windows XP?
How to use uTorrent easy, correctly and effectively on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista And Windows XP?
This is a complete video tutorial on How to use uTorren on PC and Laptops. 

Downloading videos, audio, games, software and other types of digital data via torrents is a very convenient option. It saves you time and helps those to get rid of frustration whose internet connection is slow or not stable. As well as It helps you out to download data If you live in a country where power failure is a common practice.

You must have gone through harsh experience when you start downloading a file and   electricity goes off when it reaches 95% per cents and all the efforts and time goes in vain. But there is no such a case in using a bit torrent client to download movies, games, softwares and other things with large file size. You can resume downloads where your PC left off before shutting down or power failure.

How To Use uTorrent To Download Games Software Books On Windows 10, 7,8

In today’s video, I will be teaching you How to use uTorrent bittorrent client to download what you want to. Let’s start off with downloading and installing uTorrent.

Download And Install uTorrent






uTorrent is a free to use but an ad supported bittorrent client. Ad supported means, You have to bear advertisements while using it. But you can disable advertisements If  you don’t like to see. You may follow this tutorial to disable advertisements.

Go to uTorrent.Com and download it. Since this tutorial is for Microsoft Windows users Therefore download uTorrent Windows version.

Install uTorrent. Please pay close attention and avoid installing adware, browser toolbars and other unnecessary things while installing uTorrent.

Alert! Read Carefully This Before Downloading Illegal Content






Before proceeding any further, it is necessary to mention the risks involved in torrenting. Downloading torrents itself is not a crime. But downloading a torrent file that is known to contain copyrighted material could put you in a legal trouble If copyright laws exist in your country. There is no harm in it If there is no law that prohibits from downloading torrents containing illegal content. So make sure you are in safe zone before downloading. Keep in mind You could be fined or punished If there is a copyright protection law in your country and You get caught downloading pirated content.

uTorrent Basics






You must have either a .Torrent file or a magnet link to download what you want to download. There are tons of websites on the internet providing torrents.

As an example, I’m going to download .torrent file or get the magnet link to a software from Extratorrent.CC.

Difference Between Seeders And Leechers






Here I need to explain a few technical things to you. Before picking a torrent, Don’t forget to check If It has a good health sign. This health sign shows the number of seeders and leechers. As you can see this torrent has 574  seeders and 115 leechers. In simple words, 574 computers are uploading or sharing data with other 115 computers.

The seeder is one whose computer uploads or share data with others and Leecher is the one Who is downloading data. In uTorrent and other torrent downloaders, By default, you are a seeder and leecher at the same time until you stop uploading yourself.

It is worth mentioning here that In peer to peer file sharing community, It is considered unethical that You only download, delete torrent after having downloaded and avoid uploading or seeding. Actually Torrents are not stored on an online server. On the contrary, to a server that remains online and active day and night, Torrent or Peer To Peer file sharing community thrives on both seeder and leecher.

It’s impossible to download a torrent with no seeders and lots of leechers. As well as uTorrent or any other torrent downloaders will be downloading very slowly If you find a torrent with less number of seeders and lots of leechers.

If you want to use a .Torrent file then download it.

Double click on downloaded .Torrent file to launch uTorrent.

If you don’t want to download .Torrent file, then right click on this magnet sign and click copy link address.

Get back to uTorrent and click magnet sign and paste the magnet link you’ve copied earlier If It’s not already pasted there and click OK.

A new Window will pop up. Here you need to set a destination folder where you will find downloaded data.

Click this icon to set your desired download folder.

In addition, you can uncheck the files you don’t want to download.

Click OK to begin the download.

Optimize uTorrent Bandwidth To Avoid Slow Browsing










To optimize your experience and avoid slow browsing, You’ll be setting some connection speed options.

To do so, Right click on your desired torrent and then click properties.

I will recommend you to set the upload limit to 50% of your upload speed or lower to avoid slow browsing and other problems while uploading torrent data. In addition, You can also set it to 0. As well as you can also do same with download speed.

For an example, Download speed of my internet connection is 256 KBs. I would prefer to set 150 or 200 KBs for this torrent and 100 or 50 KBs for browsing etc.

These are perfect settings. Now Give required time to uTorrent to complete the download.

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Use An Antivirus While Downloading Torrents





The torrents are one of the most favorite things of hackers. Torrents may contain malware, spyware, virus etc. Therefore, don’t forget to use an antivirus while downloading torrents.

In addition to having an antivirus, You might need to install an archive extractor like WinRar, 7 Zip and any other. Because It is common to package large numbers of files or large size files into archives.

I deliberately skipped a few things and did not mention in todays tutorial So you don’t feel bored. I hope you’ve found today’s video helpful and informative. Please do let me know If I could not explain anything properly or You run into any problem using the comment section.

Stay tuned, stay blessed, and Don’t forget to like, subscribe, comment and, share.