5 Best Free VPN Extensions Without Registration For Windows 7,10,8 Android Chrome/Opera/Firefox

In today’s top best list, We will be sharing 5 free to use VPN services with no registration required.


If you are in a hurry and you want to hide IP address or unblock a censored website and you don’t have time for research and account creation then This list is specifically compiled for you.


Before you start reading remaining part of this list, We would like to humbly request you not to raise your expectations.


These VPN services are free. Please do not expect decent download speed and other features.


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Betternet Unlimited Free VPN Proxy



Betternet is a product by Anchorfree which is known for Hotspot Shield and other programs. This VPN service can be used without creating an account.


Betternet VPN service is available to use in both formats. Use it in your favorite web browser or install its desktop client.


It can be used on the 4 most used operating systems Windows, Android, Mac and iOS. You don’t need to create an account to use it in all supported operating systems.


In addition to its free version, They offer monthly, semi-annual and annual subscription plans.


The free version offers 4 locations Russian Federation, Canada, Germany and Netherlands. You can consume unlimited bandwidth in free version.


Betternet VPN download speed is average But doesn’t remain the same all the time. Betternet shows advertisements But It doesn’t collect, log, store, share any data log of its users.

Download From Here



Touch VPN



Touch VPN is another product by Anchorfree with no account creation requirement and unlimited bandwidth. This easy to setup VPN service is a USA based and entirely free VPN service.


Windows, Mac, iOS and Android apps are available to use. Its desktop client cannot be used in Windows 7. In addition, You can use Touch VPN in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as extensions.


With unlimited bandwidth, You can connect to 7 virtual locations USA, UK, Russia, Canada, France, Germany and Netherland.


The download speed is normal. Since Touch VPN is a USA based VPN service and This is the reason They keep logs of every activity of its users.

Download From Here



Opera’s Built-In VPN



Opera is one of most used web browsers for the users of Windows, Mac, Android and Linux operating systems. Opera web browser has a built-in VPN Which You need to manually enable. This VPN can be used without registration.


It can not be used inside another web browser except Opera browser. This free to use VPN service doesn’t have a desktop client.


Its download speed does not remain the same all the time. Sometimes It works great. But sometimes You will find it a sluggish VPN service.


This free to use VPN service comes with 3 locations America, Asia and Europe. You don’t have the choice to connect to a specific country location.


Opera VPN is free of advertisements and It offers unlimited bandwidth, encrypts your connection and It keeps its users log.


Download From Here



Cyber Ghost



CyberGhost is a Romanian based VPN service. This well known VPN service doesn’t require account creation, Install and start using it. Cyber Ghost VPN is offered in free and premium subscription plans.


People behind this VPN service has stopped offering free version of its desktop client. Cyber Ghost VPN can only be used as an extension in Google Chrome and FireFox for free.


You can use 4 locations Germany, Netherlands, Romania and United States with unlimited bandwidth.


In the beginning, You get satisfactory download speed But after sometime, It starts performing sluggishly.


This Romanian based VPN service doesn’t keep logs of its users. CyberGhost is not free for Android and iOS apps users.

Download Extension Here And More Details Are Here


Browsec VPN



Browsec is a Russian based VPN service which can be used without having to create an account. This free to use VPN is very easy to use and easy to setup.


Browsec VPN is offered in free and premium subscriptions. Free version of Browsec VPN offers 4 virtual locations with unlimited bandwidth. Premium subscription contains 44 additional locations.


Browsec VPN can only be used inside Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera as an extension no desktop client. Android and iOS apps are also available and require registration.


They show advertisements in free version. Speed is average. Sometimes Its free version works slow. Browsec VPN is not recommended by experts to use for online streaming services and torrenting.

More Details And Download Here



We hope today’s list helps you find what You are looking for?. We invite you to share any VPN with no registration You know about or You’ve used by using the comment section. The comment section can also be used for your precious suggestions and feedback.


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