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How To Download Windows 7 From Microsoft Website In 2022?

This tutorial will teach you How to download Windows 7 ISO image file to create a bootable USB or burn it to DVD for clean install Windows 7?

This article consists of an official way and an unofficial but safe method to download the ISO image file of Windows 7.

I will be sharing a free-to-use and tiny utility to download Windows 7 ISO image files from the Microsoft official website for free and without Windows 7 product key.

I urge you to read this tutorial (video tutorial is also available) till the end to avoid any inconvenience and time-wasting.

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Let’s get started with a warning

Is Pirated Windows 7 safe to use?

You must be thinking. Why should We use the Microsoft Software Recovery page? If We can download the Windows 7 ISO from any website offering pirated content.

The answer is quite straightforward. Everything you download via a website offering pirated content, chances are extremely high, You are giving an invitation to hackers to hack you or spy on you.

Most of the data available to download on pirated software download sites contain viruses, spyware, malware, and other security threats.

I’ve felt a clear difference between a Windows 7 ISO downloaded from or an original DVD that comes with a new PC and an ISO downloaded from a pirated software download website in terms of speed and performance.

So I would like to suggest you not download Windows 7 ISO from such notorious websites.

Watch Video Tutorial

Official Way To Download Windows 7 ISO Files

If you meet the requirements and you have a valid product key, All you have to do is visit the Microsoft Software Recovery page and enter your product key

Click verify button to verify your product key. After verifying the key.

Microsoft will allow you to download Windows 7 ISO files, So You can create installation media such as DVD or bootable USB drive to install Microsoft Windows 7 on your PC.

Un-Official But Safe Method To Download Windows 7 ISO Files

On a forum, I found a Windows ISO Downloader which is a very tiny program. This free and easy-to-use Windows ISO Downloader helps you download MS Office, Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10 ISO images without visiting the Microsoft website, web browser, and without any code to reveal hidden Windows 7 ISO images.

The people at have made it an easy and time saver utility. Even You can download the ISO image files with Internet download manager and any other download manager If you don’t like using the built-in Downloader of your web browser.

Windows ISO Downloader System Requirements

Before We use the utility to download Windows 7 installation files, Keep in mind, You can’t use it on Windows XP, It supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Furthermore, Make sure .NET Framework 4.6.1 and Microsoft Edge Chromium are installed on your PC.

I wasted 4 hours with Internet Explorer 8 and then after some research, I decided to switch to Microsoft Edge Chromium and it worked out.

This is why I highly suggest you install Microsoft Edge Chromium. Otherwise, It will not work.

Download Microsoft Edge Chromium

Click here to download Microsoft Edge Chromium for Windows 7.

Install .Net Framework 4 5

You may watch a video on Downloading and Installing .Net Framework 4 5 On Windows 7 Offline Installer. Here is the tutorial.

Download Link For Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool

Download Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool. Click here to download it. This is a portable program you don’t need to install it.

Launch the program

How To Download Windows 7 ISO image From Microsoft Without Product Key For FREE?

Since We want to download Windows 7 ISO image, therefore, select Windows 7 from the right-hand side. You may use it to download other Microsoft products If you need them. The process is pretty the same.

Now select your desired Windows 7 edition from the drop-down menu and click confirm.

Choose your preferred language and hit confirm.

Select the system type. I’m using a 64-bit computer that’s why I’m going to choose the 64-bit option to begin download.

Download Windows 7 With Internet Download Manager

You can get the download links to download with the Internet download manager or any other downloader.

Buy a Windows 7 key from here to activate your copy of Windows 7

Final Words

Please keep in mind, though this utility is safe to use, but It’s not official, this is why It could stop working at any time.

People behind Soft Suggester team hope you manage to download the ISO image of Windows 7.

Please do let us know If you run into any issues. We will try our best to solve your problem.

You may use the comment section to ask questions, share your experience and precious thoughts.

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