6 Free, Best And Safe IDM Alternatives

This List Has Been Updated – 9 May 2017

After buying a new PC or a clean installation, the very first software that is installed, very popular and useful piece of software is Internet download manager. Even It would not be wrong to say that Internet download manager is used widely after Microsoft Windows all over the world, No matter which Windows version you use.

Internet download manager indeed deserves all the praise and admiration as a tool to download all types of digital content, i.e. audio, videos, movies, text files, software, E books, etc. Internet download manager has more than one hundred thousand users worldwide and it has been serving its users since 1998.

There are loads of advantages of using Internet download manager that default download manager of web browsers and other download managers lack. For example, It can accelerate the download speed by up to 5 times.

One of my favorite features in it is the ability to resume any download session that interrupted by any reason. Such as, your internet frequently goes down or your PC was accidentally shut down due to power failure or any other reason while downloading.

If you have Internet Download Manager, you have integrated it with your preferred web browser as it should be and You are fond of download videos from YouTube, DailyMotion and other video sharing websites. then believe me, You no need to buy an additional video downloader to download online videos.

In addition to the huge popularity and usefulness of Internet download manager, There is also another side of the coin. Internet download manager tops the list of software that are downloaded from file sharing websites containing pirated, cracked, illegal and full of security threats programs. Because, It’s a paid download manager and most of the internet users either cannot afford to buy it or don’t want to shell out quite a bit of money from their bank and prefer to use Internet download manager cracked. As per cyber security experts, Using cracked software is not a good approach, You invite hackers to get into my PC by installing a cracked software.

There is a very popular saying that everything has an alternative. There are also numerous free to use yet feature rich alternative to IDM available out there through which you can get rid of having to use a pirated copy of Internet Download Manager. Taking this into consideration, After testing a dozen of software like Internet Download Manager, I’ve managed to compile a list of 5 free, best and feature rich alternative to Internet Download Manager. Let’s go through today’s list of 5 free, best and feature rich IDM alternatives.

1-Folx Download Manager


Folx Download Manager is a high-quality IDM alternative. Folx means effortless and easy downloading of various content in a fast and sleek manner. You can benefit with such features as splitting the downloads in threads, resuming interrupted downloads, adding new tasks in the most convenient manner, etc. You can assign download tasks with one or multiple tags depending on the downloads’ contents, so that you can easily locate the files even months after they were downloaded when you don’t even remember their exact name.


Smart Speed control for automatic speed adjustment and proper traffic allocation;
Download Scheduler for your downloads to start and stop at a set time even if you are not at the computer;
Splitting downloads in up to 20 threads to get the most optimal downloading speed;
iTunes integration to send downloaded content directly to corresponding iTunes playlists;
YouTube videos downloading;
Saving login and password for the most frequented video resources and torrent trackers.


In general Folx is a free downloader, but it does come in a PRO version that adds a variety of advanced possibilities that those who download frequently will surely appreciate:

2)-Ninja Download Manager

Ninja Download Manager tops the list of free but best IDM alternatives. This free to use Internet Download Manager alternative is easy to install, easy to integrate with all mainstream web browsers and easy to use. You’ll find no suggestions to install shitty toolbars and bloatware software while installing Ninja Download Manager. As well as Ninja Download Manager is free of annoying pop ups and ads. In addition to download software, text files, ebooks etc. Ninja Download Manager is very good at downloading online videos. It managed to download videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and other video sharing websites while my test. It has everything you may expect in Internet Download Manager, You can pause, resume, accelerate and set a preferred download speed etc. Ninja Download Manager is available to use for Microsoft Windows users.


EagleGet is another ads-free, lightweight, safe and free to use software like Internet Download Manager to download digital content. EagleGet has the ability to accelerate downloads by up to 6 times, resume and broken download. I found it very good while downloading videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, Metacafe, Vimeo and other video sharing websites. Integration with web browsers is very easy and EagleGet portable is available too. EagleGet is available for Microsoft Windows users.

4)-Internet Download Accelerator

This alternative to IDM is offered in paid and free versions to Microsoft Windows users. Though, The paid version of Internet Download Accelerator comes with some additional features than the free version. But its freeware version is still worth use to download all types of digital content. I put Internet Download Accelerator on test to download videos from YouTube and other websites. Although, It managed to download, But I did not find it good as good EagleGet and Ninja Download Manager are. I found no suggestions to install toolbars and bloatware software while installing, But It shows ads while using it.

5)-Xtreme Download Manager

The Xtreme Download Manager is an open source download manager to download digital content and online videos. The good thing about this Internet Download Manager alternative is that Xtreme Download Manager is available to use for Windows, Ubuntu and Mac OS X. Xtreme Download Manager is not an easy to use piece of software. You may take some time to understand its user interface, If you go for it.

6)-Download Accelerator Plus DAP

Download Accelerator Plus is also known as DAP is another very popular Internet Download Manager alternative. It offers it in freeware and paid formats. It is considered a number 1 alternative to IDM. Although it managed to download all types of digital content, including videos, But After testing it, I came to know, It’s not 100% true.

Be careful while installing it you may install an unwanted toolbar and software. While using it, Download Accelerator Plus bombards its users with advertisements continuously forcing to buy Download Accelerator Plus Pro version. As well as its user interface is very complicated and difficult to understand. But despite these facts, it is used widely and has all those features you may expect in Internet Download Manager. That’s why I had to add it to today’s list of best and free alternatives to IDM.


I tested many other famous software like Internet Download Manager while compiling this list. But I could not find more than previously mentioned download managers. They are full of adware, toolbars, bloatware and even my antivirus detected a malware.

Do let me know what is your favorite one or you know about any other good Internet Download Manager alternatives using the comment section.

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